Volley is a safe place to express a need for assistance with anything, particularly things that can best be solved through human collaboration. Please follow these guidelines to make it easy for others to help you, and to ensure that you’re helping others in as useful and safe a manner as possible. We encourage you to modify an existing guideline or suggest a new one by contacting us.

🎯 Focus on a single problem. Limit each request to one specific challenge, not two or three. Mention the experience or skills of the ideal person who helps you.

💃 Make it actionable. Tell the community what we can do to help you solve your problem. Let us know if you’re looking for advice, feedback, best practices or a 10-minute phone call.

🌲 Provide context. As much as possible, explain *why* you’re looking for help. We’d love to know what our help is going towards.

🚫 Avoid hiring and selling. Volley is not a job board, nor is it a place to promote your business. As a general rule, you shouldn’t ask for help on Volley with anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking a room full of your friends with.

😀 Be genuine. We’re on Volley because we want to help real people. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.